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 With almost 20 years of experience, we have helped companies build, manage and re-start effective Ergonomics programs with impactful, measurable and sustainable results.
helps improve workplace Safety, by eliminating injury-causing risk factors.  
helps create Lean operations, by eliminating motion-causing waste.  
helps reduce Six Sigma quality issues, by eliminating error-promoting activities.  
Risk Management Group is experienced at problem solving and has developed practical approaches to quantify ...
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RMG has developed an innovative suite of scalable products that fit your ergonomics process. From the in-dept...
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“Below is a collection of industry resources/links to assist in your ergonomic and continuous improvemen...
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"This ergo kaizen event was the most fun and most effective kaizen I have been a part of. Jeff motivated and challenged our employees to identify and correct issues with ingenuity and creativeness instead of throwing money at the problem. The end result of 4 days of work was that we made a significant impact on housekeeping, made many safety and ergonomic improvements and got the attention of non-participants who also began house cleaning and suggesting improvements. We spent relatively little money and achieved better than expected results."

Patrick Wolfe, Maintenance Supervisor
Is Ergonomics your missing piece of the puzzle?

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